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*Delivery date is after confirmation of receipt of payment and payment of complete data (reception on the day until 15:00 pm),
Shipping will be done after 5 business days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays), so please order in advance according to the delivery date of use.
*In case of multiple designs, please purchase the required number of products for each design in the cart.
*Please note that the unit price will drop depending on the number of items ordered.
* Ponji (Tetoron Ponji) is a polyester-based material that is most often used as a material for banners.


Quantity/unit price 45X30cm 30X20cm 21X14cm
1 ¥750→¥600 ¥720→¥576 ¥690→¥552
6 ¥750→¥500 ¥720→¥470 ¥690→¥440
10 ¥490→¥392 ¥460→¥368 ¥430→¥344
20 ¥430→¥344 ¥400→¥320 ¥370→¥296
30 ¥400→¥320 ¥370→¥296 ¥340→¥272
40 ¥390→¥312 ¥360→¥288 ¥330→¥264
50 ¥380→¥304 ¥350→¥280 ¥320→¥256
80 ¥370→¥296 ¥340→¥272 ¥310→¥248
100 ¥360→¥288 ¥330→¥264 ¥300→¥240



When creating a design, you can create a high quality design by using the image.

The image resolution should be 300dpi or higher.
(1) Output is possible even if the resolution is low, but the actual product may not look beautiful, so
We recommend using images with a resolution of 300 dpi or higher.
(2) When the amount of image data is large, it may not be possible to embed the image.
In that case, please compress the image data and design data and send it to us together.
③ Please adjust the version of the submitted data to CS5 or lower.
(4) After completing the data, be sure to check the outline of the characters.



We will confirm the submitted data, and if there is no problem with the output, we will automatically start production after confirming the payment.

① If there is a problem with the design data, we will request a re-submission, so you can check the details of the defect on My Page.
■If there is no problem with the data, we will create a finished image based on the submitted data and upload it to My Page.
Please contact us if it is different from your desired image.
■If there is a problem with the data, a request for re-trafficing will be displayed. Please check the deficiencies and re-submit the revised data.

(2) The data used for production is stored in our server for one year, so reordering with the same design within one year does not require data submission.


If there is no print data, we will propose and create a design. Click here for details