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◆ Teardrop Flag

- Our teardrop flags require poles of the appropriate size to display properly. Make sure you are ordering the correct size of pole before completing your order.
- Make sure you use the correct template (product and size) when submitting your design.
Contact us with any other questions.


Product Custom Teardrop Flag
Description These uniquely shaped flags will draw attention for any event! The dynamic shape makes them perfect for sporting events.
Select the right size and flag base for your specific needs.
Flag Size S: 165cm x 70cm
M: 200cm x 75cm
L: 280cm x 100cm
XL: 350cm x 125cm
Pole S: Length - 280cm, Diameter at base - 1.9cm
M: Length - 340cm, Diameter at base - 1.9cm
L: Length - 450cm, Diameter at base - 2.0cm
XL: Length - 550cm, Diameter at base - 2.5cm
* Includes the curved part of the pole
Height After Set-up S: 207cm
M: 257cm
L: 330cm
XL: 413cm
* Height of the curtain and pole
Materials Polyester, Tricot, Mesh Tricot
Material Description Polyester
A light and thin 100% Polyester fabric. The most commonly used synthetic fiber for banners and flags.

100% Polyester, light but sturdier than our standard Polyester. Most commonly used for large flags or outdoor banners. This fine woven fabric with no visible holes is great for printing photographs or highly detailed designs.

Mesh Tricot
100% Polyester, produced with 4mm holes in the fabric. Perfect for use in windy areas or to prevent the sound of the flag snapping in the wind.
Recommended for banners and flags intended for display up high due to stronger wind speeds.
Material Example flag材质图片.pngTricot / Polyester / Mesh Tricot
Printing Method Direct Dye Sublimation
Production Turn Around 5 business days
* Delays may occur depending on the amount of orders being processed at any given time.
Product In Use 泪珠旗实景.png
Other - We recommend buying the product as a set with a pole and base, but it is possible to just buy the flag by selecting “None” above.
- Download and use the provided templates when submitting your design.


◆ Set-Up for Flags

Easy to complete in 5 steps!

Set Up for Feather Flags

  • TEARDROPFlags01.png

    Arrange the poles as shown.

  • TEARDROPFlags02.png

    Assemble the poles in this order.

  • TEARDROPFlags03.png

    Slide the flag onto the assembled pole starting from the thinnest end. Make sure the pole is fully inside the sleeve.

  • TEARDROPFlags04.png

    Mount the pole on the stand and secure the flag as needed.



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